New Zealand’s legendary deep yellow, pure creamery butter is the basis for Glendenings’ world renowned shortbread.

Any shortbread is only as good as the ingredients that go into it and with Glendenings’ shortbread you are assured of the rich buttery flavour that can only be achieved with the world’s finest butter produced here in New Zealand. Glendenings Shortbread is totally free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives.

Glendenings’ shortbread is made the traditional way with a delicate and satisfying flavour. And with its uncomplicated recipe, Glendenings’ shortbread will appeal to even the most selective palate thus making it an ideal gift for that special occasion or just to say ‘thank you’.

Glendenings’ shortbread comes in many distinct styles.



Triple Choc

Organic Darkest Choc

Kawakawa & Vanilla

Horopito & Lemon

Blue Borage Honey

Chocolate & Ginger

Rewarewa Honey



Lime & Coconut


All our shortbread is packed into attractive, sealed 150gm gold bags to ensure enduring freshness. These gold bags can be labelled and displayed on their own or further packaged into export packs especially designed for consumer appeal or attractive red or tartan sleeves.

Shortbread for Bulk Wholesale Export Suppliers

Glendenings Shortbread is shipped around the world. We are just 25 minutes from the busy New Zealand international sea and air ports of Nelson. We are skilled and experienced in export documentation and shipping.

All these products can be ordered on-line or by telephone or fax. For pallets and containers contact us by email.